Creating an order through GraphQL for integration tests

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We have Shopify integration in our product (through private/custom app GraphQL API) and last year we wrote some integration tests which would create orders in our Shopify Partners account test store and test our code is working well with new Shopify orders. To trigger this entire flow in our tests we automatically (using GraphQL API) created draft orders and converted them to normal orders (this still is the suggested way by n1 result when googling "shopify graphql order creation" -
In the meantime something has changed on Shopify side and our checkout got locked because of using draft orders and we were told by Shopify support that that is not a valid way of testing this anymore. Now, I can't find any other way to create orders through GraphQL but by creating draft orders first. So, is there a way to create order from GraphQL API without using draft orders?

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