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Hello everyone, I looked in the documentation about how to create a link to a store for each seller (like a marketplace), in my case, each seller can sell some products for a lower price than the main store, but I couldn't find it.

Basically, sellers will have a link to their store and all purchases using that link will be referred to them.
Does anyone know if it's possible and how can I search the API documentation about these features to create the integration in my application?

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Hey @SerginhoAJ - we currently do offer a Marketplaces API/Kit here, if you haven't taken a look at that documentation yet. This wouldn't allow you to set the pricing directly as the product pricing would still come from the merchants. You could integrate discount codes though. These are automatically added to carts when a customer purchases through the marketplace (more info on that here).


That said, there are requirements for the Marketplaces API (such as using our Channels API) and access to the Marketplaces Kit is also subject to approval. I can't guarantee this would be the best method at the moment. Can you let us know which documentation your were looking at earlier and what sort of app you were wanting to build? Would it be that you'd import products from other Shopify stores and display them on a separate marketplace?


 Hope to hear from you soon - hope this helps!

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