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Custom pagination

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Is there any way to customize pagination using shopify's Graphql API?
I want a pagination that contains buttons with the number of pages.
For that I would need a "skip" and a "count" or something like that.
Is there a way to do this kind of pagination?

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Hey @Vinisco - we don't offer a totally "out of the box" method to easily create the type of pagination experience you're describing here, but if you are looking to implement this internally for your app's logic or even on the merchant facing UI, it might be possible to build something like this. I'd recommend taking a look at our pagination documentation here for GraphQL

We do offer a cursor implementation that allows you to iterate through pages based on a cursor value, which might help with the implementation you're describing here. I can't say for certain if you'd be able to exactly implement what you're thinking about here - but just wanted to share this as a starting point. 

Hope this helps! 

Al | Shopify Developer Support 

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