Customer counts, and fetching customers from the API are not the same

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I am seeing some strange data behavior related to getting customer counts from the API, and fetching customer records.


My store has 866 customers in it.

If I run a count query (customers/count) I get a result of 866.


The Customers page in the Shopify Admin has the message: "Showing 50 of 505 customers". If I paginate through the customers, however, there are 18 pages, which correctly shows all 866 customers (not 505).


If I run paginated queries in the API to fetch all customers I only get back 505 customers.

If I do a customer CSV export on Shopify I get a CSV with all 866 customers.


So the primary issue is that the API is only returning 505 customers to me, but it's also interesting that the Shopify Customers admin page shows a count of 505. No idea what's going on. Why are customers missing from the API and why does the Shopify admin not show the correct count?

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Hey @DanAtBonify 


Interesting. Are you able to provide store + app details in a DM?

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Hi @SBD_ ,


This specific issue was actually resolved by someone at Shopify.


They said it had to do with an issue with the "replication pipe". They refreshed something and now the data is all there.

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I am seeing the exact same issue with a store who has our app. API shows one number, but when I page through the customers and count them I get a different number.


Its consistently 1 customer different.. This is the store if it helps:




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