Date for the removal of Fulfillment endpoints from the REST Admin API

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The release notes for 2022-07 state that

Fulfillment endpoints removed from the REST Admin API

As of API version 2022-07, the following endpoints have been removed from the Fulfillment resource in the  REST Admin API: 

  • /orders/{order_id}/fulfillments.json
  • /orders/{order_id}/fulfillments/{fulfillment_id}.json
  • /orders/{order_id}/fulfillments/{fulfillment_id}/complete.json
  • /orders/{order_id}/fulfillments/{fulfillment_id}/open.json
  • /orders/{order_id}/fulfillments/{fulfillment_id}/cancel.json

Could you confirm when they're being removed? The date at the top of the release notes is July 1 2023. Does that mean the endpoints will work until 1st July?




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