Deprecated API call endpoint returning no results, 404 deprecated reason link

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Heads up app devs that the Deprecated API endpoint is returning no results:

Like so: {"data_updated_at":"2022-06-22T18:59:59.000000Z","deprecated_api_calls":[]}


But the REST Admin API is returning deprecated warnings like so:


x-shopify-api-deprecated-reason header:

[reason] =>

-- and that link returns a 404 page.


So, if your monitoring is only relying on checking that Deprecated API calls endpoint, you might have some surprises!


First started seeing these x-shopify-api-deprecated-reason results about 5 days ago, June 17th. Waited a few days for the page to be published but still isn't. Checked the Deprecated API endpoint for more info or a working link and discovered there's no results.


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