Deprecated API calls: notification accuracy

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I have received multiple e-mails about the breaking changes that will go into effect on January 1st, 2023. Based on that, I'm reviewing API calls in a private app that uses the Admin REST API. The information provided has been somewhat inadequate.


Like others, I have been confused by the reference to the metafield valueType.  After researching it, I figured out that was the GraphQL field (the REST API uses value_type).


When I use the deprecated_api_calls.json endpoint, I get the same inaccurate information showing the wrong call for the REST API (and the problem exists in the provided documentation URL😞


api_type: REST
description: `Metafield.valueType` has been removed. See `Metafield.type` for type information.
endpoint: Metafield


Furthermore, the deprecated endpoint lists four other "calls". All of them are related to "Order" but none of them are referenced in our app. I surmise that's because we get complete order data (without specifying fields). It would be better to list these together as one call, to avoid confusion.


The data from the endpoint should be related to what we actually use. While I appreciate the fact that we could be using the deprecated fields, separating them into different "calls" is confusing and gives people the wrong impression.


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