Detecting Fulfillment Settings?

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Is there a way to programmatically detect a storefront's fulfillment settings via the API? 


Example - I have some merchants that are setup to autofulfill every line item.  I have others that are set on manual fulfillment.  The behavior of some of our functions would vary slightly in a scenario where a merchant has selected manual fulfillment. 


Not finding this information readily available in the API docs... does the property exist via the API? 

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Fulfillment settings are specific to product & product variants.  It is essentially the "Available at locations" on the inventory.   Each of these "locations" has a location id that may help.


For an orders' line_items -- I believe you can check what location_id is fulfilling/handling said line_item.  


If you wish to setup custom handling for a line_item --  you may be looking for: