Develop an app using REST API which require multi-currency

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we trying to build an app which should use variants presentment_prices on back-end.
currently app on development stage and we able to test it only with developer stores.
we always experience a problem that:
2. -> presentment_prices
are always empty.

we use  header 'X-Shopify-Api-Features': 'include-presentment-prices'.
and this filter as well:

curl -X GET "" \
-H "X-Shopify-Access-Token: {access_token}"

as i understand the problem is that developer store don't have multi-currencies and no option to enable it.
How we can solve this, maybe someone know available workarounds?

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@Olmer  you need to pass the localize flag to that API call. or set as default store localize 

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Er Sanjay
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@ErSanjay Thank you for the respond.  Could you please elaborate?