Developer access to payout information

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Our developer is building an app that needs access to payout information. He's trying to use the "shopifyPaymentsAccount" GraphQL query but gets an error saying that the "read_shopify_payments" scope must be enabled and the user must have "shopify_payments_transfers" permission. As far as we can tell there is no way inside Shopify to enable those permissions (all Admin API permissions for the app have been enabled). Can you please advise on how we can access the payout information because it is necessary for our app. This is an internal app only for our store, not a public one to be installed on other stores.

Any insights?? Shopify Support said the following:

"I understand your developer is receiving an auth error for your app due to a missing permissions. Taking a closer look into the read_payment_settings that is required to access the GraphQL PaymentProvider object you've shared, it looks like at this time this scope is not available for use outside of Shopify. We're currently not granting access to this scope, as any endpoints that may require this will not be available for use.

At this stage we would suggest exploring any other potential workarounds listed in our API docs that could be a fit for the type of information you are looking to retrieve, that do not require access to a restricted scope."

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