Documentation for search query parameters

Documentation for search query parameters

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Shopify admin GraphQL API supports "query" argument for many resources such as products, orders etc. GraphQL API docs contains list of supported parameters for each resource type.

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We can also find detailed doc for search query syntax here. But I could not find any info on search query params. Most of them are obvious but some of them are confusing and we don't know the type of value supported by some of them. For example I don't know the difference between "sales_channel" & "channel_id" and list of valid value for "fraud_protection_level" field.

Is there any documentation for query params for products, orders, customers etc?

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Hi @Raj3 


Apologies for the confusion. Typically these are fields that are available through the API and can be seen in the .json or in the response. In these cases, I can elaborate a bit more. fraud_protection_level is in reference to sales_channel would be the name, such as "Online" and the channel_id would be the id of that channel, if relevant. I will take your feedback to our documentation team as well. 

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