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Good day.


I'm writing to inquire about the (list of) reasons which may cause a product to remain in 'draft' status.


I have a few products which don't seem to differ in any relevant way from other products and yet, after creating them, they remain in 'draft' status.


The documentation does not seem to enumerate the circumstances under which a product, when added via API, might not be transitioned to 'active' status. Obviously, I'm explicitly setting the status to 'active' whenever the product is created/updated but that doesn't seem to have any effect.


Thank you in advance for your input.



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Hey again @sexybit - by default duplicate and unarchived products are set to draft, but if you are setting the status to active they should be published, provided they are made available on an active sales channel. I did try a bit of testing and wasn't able to replicate this behaviour on my end through a general Product Creation call through REST - would you be able to share an example API call you're making (with sensitive information redacted)? 

If you can share an X-Request-ID, I can take a deeper look on our end too - this isn't expected behaviour from what I know. Hope to hear back from you soon!  

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Hello there.


Appreciate you getting back to me.


At the moment I'm not logging requests/responses so I'm unable to provide you with an X-Request-ID. Also, I removed and readded the products in question and the status is not correctly set to Active.


At the moment it's behaving has expected, with status being set to 'draft' only if the SKU already exists, hence I am unable to reproduce it myself.


As soon as the issue presents itself again I will post an update.


Thanks again.

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..and the status is NOW correctly set to Active.

That was a typo.