Duplicate Order via API or GraphQL

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I've seen a couple requests to see if it is possible to duplicate an order using the API, however I have not seen any response on any of them.


Is there a way outside of using the front end to duplicate an existing order either by API or API/GraphQL?

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Hi and hello, you can extract the existing order via API or GraphQL and then post it back without the id and the order number, those values are unique. There is no reason to duplicate an order, its easiert to clone the order data and work with it.


If you need further assistance you can write us a note.

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Cloning sounds correct to me as well, however is there a way to clone an existing order as a new order that can be modified as required, using the API/GraphQL approach?  I have not been able to find any documentation on this.



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No, We need to build a custom app or a private app for your store only, which will provide a functionality to duplicate fully after have all checking.


You can hire any developer to do the job, there is no app which does this.


So we need to build a set of rules like Inventory present for all line items of the orders or any others which you can define . Post that duplicate the order including the discount code applied earlier. 


This will require API calls for the Shopify ADMIN Apis to create orders from the backend.


Please let get connected on a whatsapp/mobile on +91-9810421063 or write to us at info@udaantechnologies.com for detailed discussion if required.



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We came across the same issue. this solution did not work for as as it doesnt duplicate the line items discounts  and the left-over payments of the order.