Error 404 when calling GET Provinces endpoint

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I'm getting a 404 error when using the "" method from my app's API.


I want to obtain a list of provinces for a country:

  const provinces = await{
    session: res.locals.shopify.session,
    country_id: COUNTRY_ID,
The 'shopify' object is from the app boilerplate:


const shopify = shopifyApp({
  api: {
    apiVersion: LATEST_API_VERSION,
    billing: undefined, // or replace with billingConfig above to enable example billing
  auth: {
    path: "/api/auth",
    callbackPath: "/api/auth/callback",
  webhooks: {
    path: "/api/webhooks",
  // This should be replaced with your preferred storage strategy
  sessionStorage: new SQLiteSessionStorage(DB_PATH),


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Hi @joelurraco 👋


If the app is using Shopify API Node library, please submit an issue in the public github repo `Shopify/shopify-api-js` directly.

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