Error "A new tax line in the seller proposal must be accepted" when calling draftOrderComplete

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Hi everybody! We are having this new weird non determinist error when trying to complete a draftOrder calling the graphql mutation draftOrderComplete.

This error started appearing out of the blue some weeks ago, we didn't change any code related to this and doesn't happen with all the others, just with a bunch of them, the weirdest part is that in general when we retry this with the exact same payload, it succeed, that what I'm saying this is non deterministic.

I have already googled it but nothing appears so it looks like it's a brand new error.

This is the full error message:
A new tax line in the seller proposal must be accepted in order to continue.,The sum of proposed payments cannot cover the total amount to be paid.

Shopify official general line of support is not being able to help us so I hope maybe some of you might have the answer to fix this and share the solution to us, we will appreciate it very much!

Thank you all in advance,

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I had this weird error come up while using the admin.  Are you actually using the API directly or just looking at the errors in the console while using the admin?


There is a new tax add-on that you have to review and settings.  I think you have to opt in or opt out. I don't know if that is directly related. I also found that sometimes in the admin I would add something or add shipping and there is a save in the upper right but there is also another button at the bottom of the screen and if you don't save before clicking the button on the bottom of the screen then it doesn't recalculate the total somewhere...  And might contribute to the error.


I don't know if either of those are any help.

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Thank you for your reply! This is happening interacting directly with the API programmatically. I think we already opted out of this new feature and the error keeps happening 😪