events API failing with 500 internal server error

events API failing with 500 internal server error

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API call for the "events" endpoint is failing with a 500 internal server error.
We tried following resolutions at our end but it did not resolve the issue

- Retrying after some time

- Reducing page size to 50

HTTP X-Request-Id : ff7638b7-3542-4c6a-a5cd-e96f5303a8d0

URI ->

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hello there  

A 500 Internal Server Error usually means that there is an issue on the server side, and the request could not be completed successfully. It is possible that the server is temporarily overloaded or experiencing an issue that is causing the error.

You have already tried to resolve the issue by retrying after some time and reducing the page size to 50


If this fixed your issue, likes and accepting as a solution are highly appreciated.

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