Extending the Order API to include Meta Fields

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I was wondering if the standard Order API calls could be extended to include meta-fields for products / product variants within the Order response. We have meta-fields stored under product variants that we wish to utilize as they are important data attributes to send over to our ERP via API. However, these meta-fields are not available to view within the main Order response and in order to retrieve them, a separate meta-field call must take place.


This 2-step process can create issues in scalability, hitting the API limit and more. If there is a way that the Order API call could be extended so that meta-fields are included within the single call for the Order, our issues would be solved. 


An alternative solution for us would be if there is a way to call meta-fields for an array of product variants instead of a single one. If we are able to insert a list of products instead of looping through products and doing the call one by one, it would also address our issues.


Let me know if there are any solutions to this! Thank you! 

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