Failed to validate JWT: [JWT::ExpiredSignature] Signature has expired

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I have a embeded using the turbolinks template, I am using shopify_app gem 20.1 and I am trying to filter the products from shopify by the product title (I am basically doing a typeahead search so I want to get products that matches an specific term in the product title), long time ago (with shopify-app gem '12.0.7') I was able to do that by calling:


Product.where(title: query)



But looks like that's not possible anymore, and I have to use GraphQL, so I tried this (taken from😞

session = ShopifyAPI::Utils::SessionUtils.load_current_session(
      auth_header: request.headers["Authorization"],
      cookies: request.headers['cookies'],
      is_online: true
client = session)
query = <<~QUERY
      products(first: 10, query: "title: *'Test'*") {
        edges {
          node {
            featuredImage {
            images(first: 1) {
              edges {
                node {

I am able to see the results of the query, meaning it all wente well, but on a next attempt I get the following error:

ShopifyApp::JWT] Failed to validate JWT: [JWT::ExpiredSignature] Signature has expired

Any idea why is this?

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Hi @twg!


That error suggests you may not be handling sessions correctly. I would recommend taking a look at the Known Issues and Caveats page of that guide for some insight.


I would also recommend opening an issue on the Github repo for this gem if you're not able to make any more progress.

Mike M (mikerowave) | API Support @ Shopify 
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