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Feature Request: Modify Custom Attributes On Line Item OrderEdit

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Hello Shopify Staff,

there is no way actually to add/remove/modify custom Attributes on order LineItem with any API ( Fetch & GraphQL)

(you can actually only remove it directly from shopify admin )



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I think it's really important to add it.. Since it's already available on subscriptions ?

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it's a very asked request and would be great to see it on upcoming updates ! 


Thank you 🙂




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Thanks for the feedback. 


I've added a note on this topic for our product team, but the more context you can add on what workflows you are working on, or how this is preventing you from implementing a specific feature within your app the better.




- James

Developer Support @ Shopify
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Thanks @ShopifyDevSup 🙂


It's mandatory when merchant want to change something after they made the order! right now the only way is to cancel the order and make another one if they want to change the attributes , so the ability to directly change / or add a line item with custom attributes would have a high value!



here is some others post who request the same feature :