Financial status filter in orders query ignored

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According to our logs, the following Shopify API request returned orders with other financial statuses, regardless of 'financial_status=partially_refunded' parameter:


GET https://***


It returned many orders in 'paid' status, and at least one order in 'pending' status.


I examined history of the order in 'pending' financial status and it never had any refunds associated. This rules out possibility that orders search was only lagging with indexing status updates.


Shopify "x-request-id" headers in the response: "d254b5a7-1f52-4f97-a4ca-8448d53529a2"


I was not able to reproduce this problem, but it has happened before.


Can Shopify support confirm that request "d254b5a7-1f52-4f97-a4ca-8448d53529a2" reached Shopify API with 'financial_status=partially_refunded' parameter?

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