Re: fixed api version still getting deprecated calls

fixed api version still getting deprecated calls

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I updated the API version to 10-2022 still, but I am getting this message on the API health dashboard. Please let me know how I can fix this.

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Hi @andrew_shakes 
when did you updated? and updated in both(code and APP dashboard)?

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Hey andrew_shakes, 

In the screenshot shared of the Partner Dashboard > API health page, the 'Last 30 days' tab is toggled, so all flagged alls made within the last 30 days will show. After 24h has passed, toggling to the 'Last day' tab should no longer show the notification unless deprecated calls were made. 

The other tabs will show flagged calls for the respective timeframe window. It is worth noting the the 'Fix by {DATE}'  will continue to show in the Partner Dashboard > Apps menu until no deprecated calls have been made for a full 30 days.

Next, confirm that all calls/endpoints have been updated beyond the suggested version (2022-07) and that all endpoints include a version in their URL to avoid calls falling back to the oldest supported version. If you are still seeing flagged API calls that you feel are unexpected, consider connecting with Partner Support and feel free to share this post as a reference.


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I am getting the same alerts even after updating version 2022-10 on APIs and the dashboard. Please help how to resolve this alert issue. 

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Is it resolved @andrew_shakes ? We are getting the same alerts even not calling any deprecated Apis.