Fulfilling orders via /fulfillmentorder when using a Fulfilment Service

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We have recently had to upgrade our API integration to 2022-07 which means fulfilling orders should be done using fulfilments rather than directly to the sales orders as done previously.


The problem we are encountering is a lot of our customers have configured their inventory system/backend as a fulfilment service. This means, when we query to see what fulfilments are available on the sales order, we get back an empty array. How are we able to update the order and say that it is fulfilled in this scenario? (We are mainly concerned with marking the order as fulfilled and sending back carrier + tracking information). 


Any recommendations that are compliant with 2022-07 or above would be greatly appreciated 

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Hi There,


You need to query the fulfillmentOrders endpoint for the order_id this will return all fulfillment orders for a particular order regardless of which fulfillment location it's being assigned to.







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