fulfillment, fulfillment order, fulfillment service APIs

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I'm currently developing warehouse system for a customer who is already using Shopify store.

They are manually exporting and tracking orders.

I'm trying to add Shopify APIs to automate this process.

I already added order exporting(importing to my warehouse system) by order API

and I'm trying to use fulfillment order API to automate fulfillments.


I've read API documents and understood that fulfillment + order became fulfillment order.

I retrieved my customer's order, fulfillment and fulfillment order lists by using API.

I can see fulfillment list and order list, but no fulfillment order list.


What I am confused here is that does this customer is not using fulfillment order?

I've asked this to the customer, but they didn't exactly knew about this.


I thought I need to register Fulfillment Service and expose fetch_tracking_numbers, fetch_stock URL.

Is it going to work for the customer who doesn't have any Fulfillment Order lists.

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