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Hey everyone,

I'm having some problems trying to create fulfillment events with the purpose of creating a delivery status for the order. 

I'm currently using GraphQL 2023-10 to create a fulfillment event but am experiencing the invalid id error. Here's what i've got:


mutation fulfillmentEvent{
  fulfillmentEventCreate(fulfillmentEvent: {fulfillmentId: "gid://shopify/fulfillmentOrderId/XXXXXXXX",status:ATTEMPTED_DELIVERY}){
    userErrors {

Where the fulfillmentOrderId is cross referenced with the admin URL when fulfilling an order (In XXXXs):


What can i do to provide the correct ID?

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Hi @B-Bubbles,

The fulfillmentEventCreate mutation takes a fulfillmentId value in the inputs, which should use the global ID format gid://shopify/Fulfillment/XXXXXXXX

A fulfillmentOrder can have multiple fulfillments, and each fulfillment can have multiple events. 


Hope that helps!

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