Fulfiment_orders empty return

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How do I use the new fulfillment_orders.json endpoint. When doing get request on GET /admin/api/2022-04/orders/<ordreid>/fulfillment_orders.json I get empty array.


I've managed to set up a trial shop and get this process working:

  1. Order created on shop
  2. Call GET /admin/api/2022-04/orders/<ordreid>/fulfillment_orders.json and get an fulfillment order id to fulfill
  3. POST /admin/api/2022-04/fulfillments.json with the id retrieved from fulfillment_orders.json and the line id's and quantities to fulfill

This seemed pretty straight forward.


But when trying on running shops which was created late 2021 and early 2022 I get empty response on the GET /admin/api/2022-04/orders/<ordreid>/fulfillment_orders.json

What am I missing?

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