Generate custom product feed combining data from Google fields and markets translation

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We use the Markets feature to sell on multiple top domains each with a custom language. We need to generate a product feed per domain/language and connect it to one Google Merchant Center per language. All those Merchant Centers are then connected to a single Google Ads account as per recommendation by Google. 


We did not find any ready made solution or app for this so will develop a custom app for this. Can you help assisting and pointing out some resources to be able to get the correct data from Shopify API:s. 

- How to fetch the Google fields used in Shopify admin UI (More actions - Google fields)? 

- How to fetch the translations per product from "Markets feature"?

Does above approach seems feasible and doable? 



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Have you looked in


This is the app I use for all my clients that need multiple currencies / language feed submission to Google Merchant Center.

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