Get assigned fulfillment orders when receiving cancellation request

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Hello there,


my company is currently developing a fulfillment service which will connect to Shopify shops as "fulfillment service". We've implemented the required API endpoints to receive order notifications and already accept incoming fulfillment requests, if possible.


Now we want to handle cancellation requests and constantly run into the following issue: when the merchant requests a cancellation via his admin backend, we receive a cancellation request. We then try to fetch all assigned fulfillment orders (via "assigned_fulfillment_orders.json") that have the "assignment_status" "cancellation_requested". Sometimes this endpoint returns no (zero) assigned fulfillment orders, sometimes it DOES return the one fulfillment order we've just requested cancellation for.

This doesn't seem to be reproducible and somewhat random.
Waiting a couple of seconds with fetching assigned fulfillment orders after we've received the cancellation request doesn't seem to solve the issue.


Does anyone have a hint what we can do about that?

The cancellation request can only be issued once. The Shopify admin backend stays in a state where it is waiting for a reponse from our fulfillment service which will never arrive because we don't get the related fulfillment order.


Thank you very much in advance.



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Hi There,


As per the tip on this documentation.


It might take a few minutes for cancellation requests to show up as a part of your assigned fulfillment orders. We recommend polling your assigned fulfillment orders until you receive the cancellation request.


So, I would set up a polling or wait/retry loop for max 10 minutes to be safe.





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