GET - checkouts.json - Internal Server Error

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In the process of writing some logic around existing checkouts, I've ran into the following.


A GET request to the admin/api/<version>/checkouts.json endpoint works with 2022-04 and 2022-07 - returning all current checkouts for the store - but fails with an Internal Server Error on the remaining newer versions. 


💡 Curiously the endpoint worked on the newer versions when there was only a singular resource to return.


Is the endpoint meant to support a "get all" type of response? I only see a reference to a specific checkout in the docs so I'm wondering if the older versions did unofficially, but has been since removed. I don't see any mention of a breaking change in the release docs for 2022-10 - is this mayhaps a temporary server hiccup?



Ismael @ Rollout

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