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Get list of stores which have installed my app via API

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Shopify App Store requirements state that a merchant should only be able to install a publicly listed app through the Shopify App Store and not from anywhere else. I have a use case wherein I enable some functionality, post app installation, of my app through my backend and for that I need to know whether my app is installed on a given shop or not.

Is there a way where I can get this by making a request to some API or something like that, rather than manually downloading the list from the partners dashboard.

I tried solving this using the Partners Graph QL Api with the query - 
{ app(id: partnerId) { id name events(first: 1, shopId: shopId) { edges { node { type app { id } occurredAt shop { id name myshopifyDomain } } } } } } 

This works but the only issue is that I dont have the shop id with me, all I have is my shopify domain of a shop, so is there a way where I can get the shop ID of a shop using just the my shopify domain of the shop without having Access token for that shop.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

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Have you got any solution for this, please post solution if you have any, Thanks

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Hi, I am also looking for this. Any update about this..?

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Hi @hitanshu88,


maybe the following query to the partner api is useful for you

 query getCustomerList($id:ID!,$occurredAtMin:DateTime!, $cursor: String!){
  app(id: $id) {
    events(first: 100,
         after: $cursor,
         occurredAtMin: $occurredAtMin,
      edges {
       node {
         shop {
      pageInfo {

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