Get orders that have specefic vendor

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So im runnig around figureing how to get specific all orders for at month within an specific vendor as im trying to get sales by that and sort it pr item i dont need the price just the items count thats it.

what would be the best approach with graphql or rest api.

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Hello @Melonendk ,


Can't really help with GraphQL, but with definitly can with REST, that we use at Dive, I would have done it this way:

- Collect all orders based on the date range you will use. (Use pagination like -> since_id=last_order_id_you_collect). You can't apply a filter at line_item level unfortunately...

- Split all orders by line_items and filter by the following field -> line_item.vendor.

- Count number of line_items that match previous criterias.


At the same time, we are developing an annalytics tool that will do exactly what you need !

If you are interested, do not hesitate to request access from our homepage


Hope it helps,


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