Getting a consistent "INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR" when running bulkOperationRunMutation

Getting a consistent "INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR" when running bulkOperationRunMutation

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I am getting a consistent 

{"errors":[{"message":"Internal error. Looks like something went wrong on our end.","extensions":{"code":"INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR","requestId":null}}],"__lineNumber":10}

 When running a bulkOperationRunMutation with a productCreate mutation. Only some products are getting this error only sometimes. Each product individually is working currently when run through the same code, just put through an individual productCreate. I really want to do this the correct way through this mutation, but this error is making that quite hard.

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Hey @ismj ,


Bulk Operations do encounter Internal Errors for a variety of different reasons and it sounds like you took the right steps in testing the mutations outside of the bulk operation to ensure they are not erroring out. You could also retry the Bulk Operation but be cautious not to do these back to back as its always a best practice to space the retries out. 


Should this persist, I would advise on contacting our Partner Specialists via the 'Support' tab in your partner dashboard where they can gather some technical details and look closer at the error itself.


Hope that helps! 




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