Getting Error 404: Not Found for shopify graphql API

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I am using django and making an app for shopify my app is published on shopify but not visible on its store. I can easily onboard any test store to my app and everything works smoothly . but recently I made a real store and tried to install my app from the shopify app store url but when it hit APP_SUBSCRIPTION_CREATE graphql API, it gives this error b'{"errors":"Not Found"}' HTTP Error 404: Not Found why is this happening

Here is the code for GraphQL API:

variables = {
    "returnUrl": f"https://{app_url}/shopify/return_url/",
    "test": obj.test,
    "lineItems": [
            "plan": {
                "appUsagePricingDetails": {
                    "terms": obj.terms,
                    "cappedAmount": {
                        "amount": str(obj.capped_amount),
                        "currencyCode": "USD"
import json

result = graphql_client.execute(APP_SUBSCRIPTION_CREATE, variables)

mutation AppSubscriptionCreate($name: String!, $returnUrl: URL!, $test: Boolean, $lineItems: [AppSubscriptionLineItemInput!]!) {
  appSubscriptionCreate(name: $name, returnUrl: $returnUrl, test: $test, lineItems: $lineItems) {
    userErrors {
    appSubscription {
      lineItems {
        plan {

I am getting the error here
graphql_client.execute(APP_SUBSCRIPTION_CREATE, variables)


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Hi Salman116,


There's a few parts of the mutation that are not matching the example in the dev docs, specifically the variables input - which could be causing this error. It also looks like there could be a typo in the return URL property (an f at the beginning). I'd try to match the example as much as possible and try again.


Hope this helps,

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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