Getting more information on product taxes when fetching order

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We are using the order resource to fetch an order information. When a line item has multiple taxes applied, is there any way to obtain more information about every tax line?



Order to: East Baton Rouge, Luisiana


This order will have the Louisiana sales tax of 4.45%, Baton Rouge City tax of 2% and an East baton Rouge County tax of 3.5%. Our goal is to differentiate these taxes programmatically between the State and local Sales taxes. Is there a way to achieve this?


The current payload does not have any indicator to distinguish them.


Thank you in advance.


Example product tax lines from this example order:

"price_set" {...} "rate":0.0445, "title":"Louisiana State Tax" }, { "channel_liable":false, "price":"0.68",
"price_set" {...} "rate":0.035, "title":"East Baton Rouge County Tax" }, { "channel_liable":false, "price":"0.39",
"price_set" {...} "rate":0.02, "title":"Baton Rouge City Tax" } ]


Endpoint used:

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