Getting reports in analytics using API or Funnel

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Hi All

We have a reports under analytics.

Was wondering why we can't get it using the API ?

I read other answers and seem your answer is that you limit access to reports. so why putting such limitations and affecting user experience ?

Also, trying to reproduce the same report by getting columns from Product and Order endpoints, doesnt produce the same exact columns.


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Shopify Partner
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Hello @Magnus123 ,


I maybe have a solution about your issue.
At we are building an Analytics Tool specifically for Shopify.

Spreadsheet based, no-code tool, really fast, you'll be able to do every analisys you want !
You 'll be able to reproduce all your reports inside Dive in a minute (and that actually match Shopify Sales report, even more accurate)

Some analysis that you can actually run inside Dive ->

- See your shopify gross sales, discounts, returns, taxes by items, variants, products, global.
- See your top customers, how many orders they placed, what gross_sales did they bring to your business
- Analysis the impact of your discount, by code, by type ...etc.
- Deep dive into your data to understand which products perform best.
- Create your own KPIs that reflect your business.

- Mutli shop, you 'll be able to bring all your data in one place.
- And more coming soon ...


E-commerce analytics should be easier, that is why we have created