GIFT CARD EPoS Integration

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We are currently doing a GIFT CARD integeration between Shopify and an EPoS system (both entities would use the Shopify Gift Cards).
We have hit a bit of an issue in that it looks like all the API calls use Shopify's IDs rather than the card numbers that will be printed/embossed on our physical Gift Cards.
Although it complicates things for us, for cards sold in store we'd be able to store the id generated by Shopify when the card was created/activated.
However, for cards sold through the website we'd not know the ID and the only lookup I can see is limited to the last few digits on the card which I presume may return multiple results?
So we can't figure out how a Gift Card sold online could be later redeemed in-store using the APIs.
If anyone has achieved this and wouldn't mind sharing how you did it that would be much appreciated.

EPoS System and Website Developer
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