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Giftcard Adjustment API - Error 404

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 Trying to use the gift-card-adjustment-api , however when calling this API Iam getting: 

Url: admin/api/2021-10/gift_cards/{Shopify_Giftcard_Id}/adjustments.json




    "errors": "Not Found"




Iam using a Shopify Plus Store and my App also has Write/Read rights for Giftcards. 

I can get & post Giftcards without any problems, using these end-points. 

Is the gift-card-adjustment-apis still available?

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I would like to know this as well...can adjustments still be made? The Docs exist but trying to access it gives the same not found error.

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@Antonbjorkman @Luftwalk 
Have you found any solution to this?