GraphQL API - Publish to all channels?

GraphQL API - Publish to all channels?

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Hey all, pretty simple question:

Is there a way to publish to all sales channels/mark a product as "all channels available" upon creation?

I know that setting `published: true` on the item level makes the product available on the Online Store, but it doesn't publish it to all channels at once. 

What's the best/easiest way to do this via the GraphQL API / Product Mutations?

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Hi, @ShaneOH!


This feature is only available for Shopify sales channels, and you can only manage publications for your own sales channel:

You can manage all publications, but you need to have 'write_publications' scope (This scope is currently available only to custom apps installed on Shopify Plus stores. Or you can contact Shopify Partner Support to enable the scope for your app.):


Hope this helps, if not, please describe the problem in more detail with specific code examples. 😉


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