GraphQL API using incorrect version.

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I'm developing my first app -- when I make a GraphQL query in developer mode the API returns an API Deprecation Notice with the response.

Seems it attempts to use the 2020-10 version of the API when it should be using 2021-07 version.

I can't find anywhere in code or configuration where I tell it to use the 2020-10 version.


```API Deprecation Notice: {
  message: '',
  path: ''

I have not tested this in production, but I'd assume it would use the latest version in dev mode. 
Has anyone else dealt with this before?  

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Hey @DanDavidson ,

Have you checked the webhook version being used in the admin private app panel? This kind of notice can be returned if that configuration is out of date, even if your app is hitting a more up to date version when sending requests. It may look something like this:



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That is good insight. I am using the latest webhook version, but it doesn’t seem to update the API version like I thought it might.

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I'm having the exact same problem. Have you figured out how to configure your app to use the latest version?