Graphql Bulk API

Graphql Bulk API

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message: Request failed with status code 408

status 408 statusText Request Timeout


Getting the above error whenever I'm trying to sync products using bulk product create a mutation 

I tried with 10 products assuming that is because of TimeOut even though getting the same error


I picked one product and tried to upload it through GraphqlAPI App installed in Shopify that object is 

working fine 


Previously bulk is working fine with the same process but all of a sudden it stopped working can't find the reason 

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Shopify Staff
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Hi Wasu - we can take a look into this. Generally a 408 error indicates that a server is shutting down a client's connection due to a long response time. Could you share an X-Request-ID from a header response you received for one of the 408 status errors you received? I can use that ID to look up the call in our logs and see if we can figure out what may have caused the 408. 

Hope to hear from you soon! 

Alan | API Support @ Shopify
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