[GraphQL] How to query for fulfillment order's shipping cost

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Consider an order with two items (A and B) split into two fulfillment orders because each item is to be served by a different fulfillment location (A by location X, and B by location Y).


When the order was being placed, the shipping cost of A from X was added to the cost of B from and the result is what the customer paid.


Sadly, the result is the only thing I'm able to get from the API, e.g. by a query like this:


fragment OrderFragment on Order {
  shippingLines(first: 10) {
    edges {
      node {
        discountedPriceSet {
          presentmentMoney {

However, I'm interested in the shipping cost of only one of the fulfillment orders, so e.g. in the cost of shipping A from X.


How can I do that?

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