[GraphQL] Multi currency orders require using argument shippingAmountV2, but there is no docs on it?

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I'm trying to use the `suggestedRefund` property on the GraphQL Api. My code currently uses the `shippingAmount` argument, but I receive an error "shippingAmountV2 required for multi currency orders."


I've searched the entire docs and GraphQL schema, and there is no reference to this `shippingAmountV2` argument.

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Is there any update?

I've got the same problem with GQL versions 2022-07  and 2022-10

There is a note in the docs: 


shippingAmount Money
The amount to refund for shipping. Overrides the refundShipping argument. Use the shippingAmountV2 argument for multi-currency orders.


but it ends with the error: 


"message": "Field 'suggestedRefund' doesn't accept argument 'shippingAmountV2'"


 any suggestions?