Have you ever experiences with GraphQL Integration in Open-Source CMS?

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Hello GraphQL enthusiasts!

I've been exploring GraphQL as a powerful way to query and manipulate data in my web development projects. Recently, I've come across the open-source CMS Squidex and Strapi, which boasts GraphQL support as one of its features. This got me thinking about the potential benefits of using GraphQL with a content management system.

So, I'm curious: Have any of you had experience using GraphQL with open-source CMS platforms like Squidex, Strapi, Hygraph or any other? What were the advantages you found, and were there any challenges in integrating GraphQL into your content management workflows?

I'd love to hear about your real-world experiences, any best practices you've discovered, and how GraphQL might enhance the capabilities of open-source CMS systems for content management.

Looking forward to your insights and discussions!

Best regards,

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