Help Needed: Putting Shopify Order on Hold via Postman - Encountering Errors

Help Needed: Putting Shopify Order on Hold via Postman - Encountering Errors

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Hi everyone,

I need some help with putting an order on hold using Postman. I'm currently working on a project where, if a postal code is incorrect, I want to put the order on hold to verify it with the customer.

I've been using some documentation, but I'm encountering errors and can't seem to get it right. Here's what I've done so far:

  1. I used the Shopify API documentation to set up my Postman request.
  2. I've made sure to include the necessary headers and authentication.
  3. However, I'm getting an error and the order isn't being put on hold.

Has anyone successfully done this before? Could you provide a detailed example or point out what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help!

  "query": "mutation fulfillmentOrderHold($fulfillmentHold: FulfillmentOrderHoldInput!, $id: ID!) { fulfillmentOrderHold(fulfillmentHold: $fulfillmentHold, id: $id) { fulfillmentOrder { id status requestStatus fulfillmentHolds { reason reasonNotes } } userErrors { field message } } }",
  "variables": {
    "fulfillmentHold": {
      "notifyMerchant": true,
      "reason": "INVENTORY_OUT_OF_STOCK",
      "reasonNotes": "Waiting on new shipment"
    "id": "gid://shopify/FulfillmentOrder/13969017503969"
    "data": {
        "fulfillmentOrderHold": {
            "fulfillmentOrder": null,
            "userErrors": [
                    "field": [
                    "message": "Fulfillment order does not exist."
    "extensions": {
        "cost": {
            "requestedQueryCost": 11,
            "actualQueryCost": 10,
            "throttleStatus": {
                "maximumAvailable": 2000.0,
                "currentlyAvailable": 1990,
                "restoreRate": 100.0
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I think your issue is here:

 "id": "gid://shopify/FulfillmentOrder/13969017503969"


If we check the Shopify docs for Global ID's we don't see a 'FulfillmentOrder' object. Maybe try 'Fulfillment '


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Hi  ,there

The error has already prompted the error.  "message": "Fulfillment order does not exist."

you could use the query graphql to query your available ids first .

query {
  fulfillmentOrders(first: 10) {
    nodes {


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