'Hiding' an element inside the admin panel

'Hiding' an element inside the admin panel

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Hello everybody. 


I'm reading how one can use app extensions to add an admin link to the Shopify admin, like below:



Screenshot 2022-06-03 at 14.00.58.png


My question is 

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Is it really possible to hide an element in the admin panel?

What I'm trying to achieve is forbid my customer from messing around with custom tags (I'm adding programmatically) in Product page part of admin panel.


Thanks a lot!

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Hey @BogdanMax ,


Thanks for getting in touch - this is a great question! I just want to clarify, are you wanting to hide tags that have been added using your app to the product creation page?


If so, while it's not possible to hide aspects of the merchant admin at the moment, one workaround you might want to look into if you're wanting to make it so that a certain number of products are connected to your app and are "tied" to the features of your app is by creating a "channel app", rather than a standard app. These types of apps are generally used for sales channels (like Google, Facebook, TiKTok, etc.), but could also be used in away that would allow you and your merchants to include or exclude certain products from whichever features your app would allow. At the moment in-Admin app extensions are only for adding basic links/elements within predefined locations in a merchant's admin that would redirect your merchants to other aspects of your app. These aspects of your app can be hosted off-Shopify or can be embedded within their own section of the Shopify Admin through App Bridge, if you'd like to check that out as an option as well.


Hope this helps provide some next steps for your app!

Alan | API Support @ Shopify
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