How should i use delivery_frequency in sellingPlanGroups query

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I am trying to filter sellingPlanGroups by the delivery policy.

When I am doing something like:

sellingPlanGroups(first: 20, query:"delivery_frequency:day"
I am getting the groups with the days' interval policies, but it is of course not what I want;
I want to filter with the specific interval count. 

When I am trying to do something like 


sellingPlanGroups(first: 20, query:"delivery_frequency:3day"),
sellingPlanGroups(first: 20, query:"delivery_frequency:day3")
sellingPlanGroups(first: 20, query:"delivery_frequency:3 day")

or even:

sellingPlanGroups(first: 20, query:"delivery_frequency:3")



I am failing to get the groups. 


I assume I am missing something cause it seems pretty weird I can only filter on the interval type and not the interval count. 
I couldn't find any example for this kind of query, can you please help me with that?
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