How to change the to be fulfilled location of an order?

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Hello, I read across the API document and come across to the FulfillmentOrder API.

I think this is the API that I need.

However, I cannot find the linkage of the FulfillmentOrder object and the Order object.

So I want to ask here to see if anyone can help.

Thanks a lot.

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Hopefully this helps:


As far as the actual link between an Order and a FulfillmentOrder goes, the FulfillmentOrder has an attribute called "order_id". That attribute is a reference to the unique id of an Order object. The easiest way to think about the Order/FulfillmentOrder relationship is as a "parent"/"child" relationship. You can have one or more FulfillmentOrders (children) that are part of an Order (parent).

This illustration is from the Fulfillment object API docs: 



Kyle B.