How to complete checkout via admin api

How to complete checkout via admin api

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I am trying to complete a checkout without requiring payment. It is document in the Checkout API here:  https ://


I have successfully created a valid checkout using the checkout API. I then send the following request to complete the checkout:


url -d '{}' \ 
-X POST "<checkout-token>/complete.json" \
-H "X- Shopify-Access-Token: <access-token>" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json"

At this point I am expecting an unpaid order to be created. However we get the following 422 response:



{"errors":{"base":[{"code":"missing_transactions","message":"Cannot complete the checkout without any transactions.","options":{}}]}}






I looked at another post but it didn't seem to work, I'm getting this error as well.


who can help me,



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