How to fetch orders assigned to my app from shopify?

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Hello! I am trying to connect my fulfillment service to a shopify store. I have fetched the orders assigned to my fulfillment service programmatically via AssignedFulfillmentOrder through API. However, to achieve this, the shopify store user has to manually click on "Request Fulfillment" button for every order which is not realistic for a large number of orders.


If i automate this via shopify store and mark every order "fulfilled" automatically, then these orders are not available under AssignedFulfillmentOrder API anymore. How should I fetch the orders that were automatically marked "fulfilled" by shopify?


Please note that I am not the only fulfillment service connected to the shopify store, I only deal with particular products so automatically fulfilling the orders via shopify is not something that I prefer! Is there any alternative to this solution?

Api version: 2022-10


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Hi @Puri007 👋

Fulfillment order management apps can use the `fulfillmentOrderSubmitFulfillmentRequest` mutation to request fulfillment to third-party fulfillment service apps. Please keep in mind that this mutation requires very different scopes than those granted to fulfillment service apps. I'd recommend reviewing this guide that highlights the differences.


Hope that helps!

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