How to filter customer query by matafields

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I want to get a set of customer who has a specific metafield via API


for example I want to query all customer that has a metafield customer.metafields.profile.age  =  20

Is it possible with REST API or GraphQL? 

In GraphQL, metafield was not in the query parameters. 


Thank in advance

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Hi @_tim_,

Thanks for reaching out regarding this use-case about querying by Metafield values. At this time, it is not supported in REST nor in GraphQL APIs. We have taken this as feedback, as we see the value of this capability.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Any other work around this? 


Do I have to query for all the metafields first, then loop around to fetch  all customers having that metafield?