How to get notified when there is a change in API end point

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Dear Shopify Community,


We help boost sales of Shopify sellers by promoting their products on our platform. The end customers buy products on our platform and we in turn place orders on our client Shopify Store via Shopify APIs. 


Recently we faced a failure and after debugging found that Shopify has updated an API end point.


this API end point updated to



We updated the API end point and the system started working fine.


This might happen in the future as well. We will come to know about the update in the API end point only when we face a failure. Is there any notification facility that Shopify provides to let us know any change in APIs? 


How do I solve this? Any help is really appreciated! 🙂


Thank you!


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Hi Toshant,


One way is via the developer changelogs.


Another way is looking at the release notes for each API version


If your App is a public app then you should get warnings in the App Health Report from your "Apps" Dashboard from your partner account.




if its a private app you can subscribe to updates via the App Contact Information.




And remember Shopify releases API Versions each quarter. 01, 04, 07, 10. Its your responsibility as developer to ensure that your apps don't make deprecated calls.






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